Director of Technology/EMIS Coordinator

Director of Technology/Director of Buildings and Grounds

GCLS district is committed to providing technology solutions that meet our student’s needs.  In this fast paced and technologically advanced society we need to ensure our students are ready for the real world upon graduation.  Whether they choose to continue their education in post-secondary or begin a career they must have a strong technology foundation in order to be both competitive in the work place and a productive American citizen.

During the 2015-2016 School Year


  1. Improved security in all buildings with implementation of additional cameras.  Completed camera and door security project.
  2. Implemented new antivirus districtwide.
  3. Deployed 1:1 Chromebooks to all Seniors.  Including configuration and support of Google Classroom.
  4. Implemented\supported new student learning based software.
  5. Installed new cell phone boosters in buildings that lack coverage.
  6. Deployed multiple computing device (Ipads, Chrombeooks and laptops) carts in all buildings to support student learning.
  7. Continue to digitize paper copies of student files required to be retained in accordance with Ohio law.
  8. Developed and implemented hardware solution, policies and procedures to deploy and support students enrolled in our Digital Academy (SODA).
  9. Implement student unique id/pwds for domain login.
  10. Implemented robust backup solution for both client and server platforms.
  11. Implemented AESOP for securing substitutes when employees are off work.
  12. Deployed new MimioTeach units in five buildings to replace broken and unsupported old units.
  13. Implemented Navigate to support security requirements in accordance with Ohio law.
  14. Implemented new intercom systems in five buildings.
  15. Implemented a new cafeteria POS system in all buildings that integrates with current databases.


Current and Upcoming Projects for the 2016-2017 School Year

  1. Develop and implement a computing device lifecycle process to ensure students are using equipment that is respectably current with a focus on Grades 6-12 1:1.
  2. Implementing new K-8 grade card that will use the same standard student tracking software that is supported in High Schools.
  3. Deploy 1:1 units to 6-12 Grades.
  4. Implement Manage Print and consolidate Copier\Printer Contracts.
  5. Implement an audio\video solution that is reliable in both High School cafeterias and gyms.
  6. Implement voice over IP (VOIP) in all buildings to shrink phone costs.
  7. Develop and implement a projector lifecycle process



Please direct all inquiries related to Gallia County Local's technology offerings to Todd Boothe at 740-379-9085 or email

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