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Educating a child – the most challenging job that anyone could have.  In today’s world we know that the challenges are great and change occurs at a very rapid pace. We also acknowledge that within Gallia County Local Schools, our goal is to work together to make sure that all students are prepared for the future whether it would be moving on to college or entering the work force.


The importance of an education needs to be stressed within our community by all stakeholders.  The most exciting part about education is that it is ongoing and will never stop.  Education is what allows a society to continue and improve for generations to come.  We at Gallia County Local Schools look forward to the hard work that lies ahead and the commitment we will make to better serve the needs of our kids.


With that being stated, we are very excited about some of the changes and opportunities on the horizon for this year. Out district has gone through a technology makeover where all students and staff will have wireless networking district wide. You will even notice there is access at our athletic facilities as well which will allow our fans and spectators to remain in touch with social media.


In addition, the district is exploring a project where they will use the energy savings to pay for the improvements of the project. It is an exciting and fiscally responsible way to address facility improvement.  


It is also important to note that the district continues to look at ways to expand post-secondary choices for our high school students. This year we continue to build on an already strong partnership with the University of Rio Grande in the development of online college courses that will allow our students to stay in their buildings and earn college credit. We also realize that it helps keep the students off the road during difficult travel times and it takes some of the transportation burden off of our families. In addition, we have also developed a partnership with Terra State Community College where our students are able to select college courses as well. All course are transferable to state institutions and most private schools.


With the fall of 2014, we have implemented a Freshman Focus program at our high schools. The goal is to build strong mentorships with upper level students and deliver a curriculum which will help insure the success of these students. We know that the freshman year is often the most difficult transitional year and we want to make sure that the student’s first high school experience is a successful one.


Finally, the 2014 – 2015 school year will allow us the opportunity to explore both a Pre-School Program and a comprehensive Alternative Options Program. Both of these will be studied and reviewed for possible implementation in the upcoming school year.


I would like to wish all parents, students, and staff the best as we begin this new school year. We are all very excited about the programs we have created and look forward to expanding these in the near future.




Have a great and successful year,




Jude Meyers, Superintendent

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